Post Oak CME Church

Nov 01

Pastor Lucas, Gertrude, Pastor Mays, and Kevin

Pastor Lucas, Gertrude, Pastor Mays, and Kevin

On October 26, 2014 Gertrude and I visited the Post Oak CME Church. The church is less than a mile from Gertrude’s family home. When Gertrude was a child she remembers visiting the church on occasions when they had revivals or other special events.

We were given a very warm welcome. The pastor, Rev. Mays, first learned of us from Bishop Bishop Reddick. He was very pleased to have us there to visit. He invited us to share with the church about our work in Papua New Guinea. He and others from the church were full of questions questions. We enjoyed our time with them.

As this church is in a small town where Gertrude grew up, she met many people that she knew even family. One of her elementary school teaches who had been a real encouragement to her was there. We look forward to visiting there again in the future.