Prayer Update March 2017

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thanks for your continued prayers. Kevin and I have journeyed back to Ukarumpa Headquarters after two months in New Ireland Province—mostly with the Notsi. It was an unusual stay as Kevin was filling in as Kavieng Center Manager part-time and traveling back and forth to Lossu Village weekly to advise the Notsi. He reports that the book of Acts is ready for consultant check. As he spoke with the consultant he was very pleased with the work as he has review the text. He is looking forward to working with us to improve the translation.

I spent most of the time in the village running a Notsi Writers’ Workshop and desk top publishing children’s books for three Notsi elementary schools. The elementary prep teacher will allow Notsi mothers that I trained to assist him in teaching students to read and write in Notsi. It was an exhausting time with all the travel and language work but worth it to help the Notsi people prepare for use of the translated Scriptures. We praise the Lord for all that was accomplished over the past two months with an added bonus of closer relationships between us and the Notsi language community.

We received good news that my sister, Flora, is doing well after a spot was found on her liver and treated.

Kevin’s mom is feeling well and getting timely treatment for early stages of multiple myeloma.

Prayer Points

  1. That the Notsi translators will complete village checking of the next set of Scripture portions and an adequate number of Notsi speakers will be present at the final consultant check in April.
  2. That the Notsi can find a culturally acceptable, expedient way of replacing highly respected and dysfunctional teachers from the Notsi school clusters.
  3. Health and strength for Kevin and I as well as the Notsi translators (Wesley Kurang, Shirley Taupis, Lynette Richard).
  4. That the regimen of treatments for Kevin’s mom will be effective in dispelling early stages of bone cancer.

Please let us know how we can pray for you

In His service,

Gertrude (and for Kevin Nicholas)

Papua New Guinea


Our Village House

Our temporary village house
Our temporary village house

We spent five weeks in a small coastal village named Simbini in the northern part of the Madang Province. We were about a 5 minute walk away from a beautiful white sand beach. Taking a dip in the ocean was a great way to cool off in the middle of the day. We so enjoyed our time there, thought the living conditions were not quite what we are used to. We were able to make ourselves quite comfortable. Since our place was so small we put up the blue tarp and built a table with benches to give us a place where we could visit with our neighbors and share a meal which we did nearly daily. This would provide with ample opportunity to practice Tok Pisin. Gertrude was able to show the ladies in the village how to bake bread and cakes using a drum oven on an open fire. I (Kevin) also taught a couple of men how to bake banana bread. Coconuts were plentiful I made use of coconut milk instead of powdered milk. Everyone made us feel quite welcomed and were very generous. Nearly everyday someone will come by to give us fish, vegetables or fruit from their gardens.