2017 Year in Review

Wycliffe Bible Translators has just posted a video share about what has been accomplished in Bible translation that is taking place around the world in 2017. It is amazing all that the Lord is doing. We feel honored to be a part of this work. Your pray and financial support makes it possible for us to be a part of this work.

2017 Progress Report

Moving Toward the Finish Line

How do we know the goal is in sight? Sure we’ve worked with the Notsi for eight years but when should we actually say the Notsi Bible translation task is done? There are a number of factors that determine the finishing point. Our age indicates that retirement is just around the corner. Another factor is the pace at which we have been working and the goals we have set for ourselves.

Is a published New Testament in Notsi the end of our work? Not really. We are working to improve the Notsi reading skills in their own language. In addition as we move towards completion it is our hope to see the Notsi hymn book published.

It is always refreshing to hear from the Notsi of their interest in the progress of Bible Translation and to see increased involvement of the community in the translation. May this response increase!

Our prayer is that over the next few years the Notsi people will be reading, singing, preaching, and studying the Word in Notsi.

We  praise the Lord for the momentum in Bible translation with the Notsi and we believe we are on course to finish the New Testament by 2020! With continued prayer and diligence it will be so.


Moving Forward in 2017

We began 2017 with travel back to New Ireland to find that I, Kevin, would need to manage the [tooltip text=”Summer Institute of Linguistics”]SIL[/tooltip] Kavieng Center as well as continue working with the Notsi to complete the New Testament. Gertrude did a follow-up literacy workshop with nine enthusiastic Notsi women and young artists in January to do a writers workshop producing many big books.

Bible translation plans for this year are to complete consultant checking of Acts and Matthew. We are planning to publish Luke and Acts by December.  That means we will have 60% of the New Testament ready for publication. The next task to complete this year is village checking and consultant checking of 1 & 2 Corinthians.

Over the next three years we hope to complete  advisor checks, village checks, and consultant checks of  remaining books including Titus, James, Philemon, Hebrews, Revelation,  Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, 1, & 2  Peter, and Jude.  Once all is done, we anticipate  doing a final read through of the entire New Testament before publication.

As you can see, much work remains to be done. Thank you for praying with us as we strive to provide the New Testament in the Notsi language. We praise the Lord for the journey so far and trust Him to complete what he has started in us, in the Notsi people and in you as you support this ministry.


Life back in PNG

Kevin at Libba
Kevin sharing at the Scripture portion dedication
It has been so good to be back in PNG. As we were so busy traveling around the USA it was wonderful to see so many people that I had not seen for a long time. We were home for a year and it was easy to get used to life in America. I was beginning to wonder how ready I would be to return to life in PNG. Just a few days after returning I threw myself right into translation work. As I worked with the Notsi translators we were able to finish the first draft of the New Testament. That is a small milestone, but very encouraging to the translators. There is so much more work that needs to be done. It has been a great joy to be back.

We have a new member on the translation team, Lynnette. She has been so excited to be involved in Bible translation and has been a wonderful addition.
Our first Sunday of the New Year, Gertrude and I spent a Lossu. Emmanuel Church. I printed out copies of some of the hymns that were translated for the morning service. Everyone seemed so pleased to sing these hymns in their own language. Their favorite being, I am so Glad that Jesus Loves Me. Following the hymns they read from the Gospel of John in Notsi. We were so blessed to hear them reading their own language during the service. Most times only Tok Pisin (the national trade language) and English is used.

Pray with us that more people will coming along side to help in translation and in the distribution of the Scriptures. Also that people will be open to Word so the Holy Spirit can work change in their lives.


The Notsi Translation


It has been so good to be back to Papua New Guinea. In September, as Gertrude went to Ukarumpa to work in the Literacy and Education Office, I went to NITI (The New Ireland Translation Institute). I was so pleased to see the progress that the translation team has been making on the translation while I have been away. It is wonderful to say that they have finished the first draft of the New Testament. We still have a very long way to go, but the team is has grown from two when we left to five. It is because of your prayers for them that they have worked through their problems to return to the work. Thanks so very much.

During the month we started the review of the book of Acts and we finished going through the first 14 chapters. Presently they are village checking these chapters for clarity and accuracy of the translation.

We are also starting to bring together a group of people who will work with us to dub The Jesus Film which we hope to start working on early next year.
Gertrude and I plan to return to the village in November, and if we have the water we need, we will continue working through the Book of Acts to review and edit it and prepare the rest of it for village checking.

Many of you have prayed for Paul Shaw. Here he is with me working on the translation. It was so good to have him back. Thanks for your prayers.

Luke Consultant Checking

Notsi Bible translation team reaches milestone with the completion of the consultant checking of Luke’s Gospel

Morning devotions at NITI
Morning devotions at NITI

From April 22 to 28th, the Notsi Bible translation team worked closely with consultant Steve Gallagher on the checking of the Gospel of Luke. This brings the percentage of NT books checked thus far in Notsi to 39%.

Paul, Ezekiel, Eswin, Wesley, and Steve doing consultant checking.
Paul, Ezekiel, Eswin, Wesley, and Steve doing consultant checking.

The consultant checking involves testing the translation with speakers of the language to ensure that the correct meaning is being communicated clearly and accurately. Five members of the translation team, three translators and two checkers, were present for this important work. A number of areas for improvement were identified and the team was encouraged to keep up the diligent work they have been doing. On behalf of the translation team, Shelly said, “We had a great time working with Steve. Through this process we have gained many valuable insights. We feel encouraged to keep pressing forward in the work. We are eager for all the people in the Notsi villages to hear and read the powerful word of God in our own language.”


Steve Gallagher

Last Sunday in PNG

Luther sharing at church in Lossu
Luther sharing at church in Lossu

Today was our last Sunday in Papua New Guinea. We are so thankful we could be in the village of Lossu with the Notsi. We were able to encourage the use of the published Scriptures in church. Today they read John 3:1-16. Luther, pictured above, was close to tears as he heard the passage read in his own language. He gave thanks to God for it. After a while he was able to share his message from that passage.

Here in Papua New Guinea the first Sunday in September is Fathers Day. Gertrude was asked to make a cake for the fathers. Since we are not going to be here for Fathers Day Gertrude made a cake for them today and we went to visit different fathers to give then a piece of cake. Each one had a smile of thanks as they received their piece. A good way to say good-bye was we are getting ready to leave.