2017 Year in Review

Wycliffe Bible Translators has just posted a video share about what has been accomplished in Bible translation that is taking place around the world in 2017. It is amazing all that the Lord is doing. We feel honored to be a part of this work. Your pray and financial support makes it possible for us to be a part of this work.

2017 Progress Report

Unexpected Blessing

Water tanks from US-AID
Water tanks from US-AID

For years we have been asking you to pray for rain to keep our water tank full. Our tank was one of the few in the village so we would allow people to come and fill water bottles so they could have drinking water. Anytime our tank was close to empty the Lord would send rain to fill it. We continue to be grateful for a second water tank near the church which helped during the 2015 drought.

While we were away US AID set up five 9,000 liter (2,378 gal) in the village. This means that there will be less demand on our water tank and all the more water for everyone in the village. Lossu is only one of three different villages that received these water tanks. We know that this was a blessing from the Lord because of your prayers for us.

Celebrating Dr. Eddie B. Lane

TheLanesAs I was graduating from high school one of my prayers was to know God better. I believe that God placed Rev. & Mrs. Eddie B. Lane and the Bibleway Church in my life to steer me through the challenges of my young Christian life and even as I grew in faith. Through the Lanes’ ministry of preaching, teaching the Word, exhorting, rebuking, and discipleship, the Holy Spirit could do His work making God known to me. For these blessings, I will forever be grateful.

Through the years, I have experienced the great love of God as Dr. Lane showed us how to love family, and others in the body of Christ. Like me, the members of Bibleway Bible Church experienced a very personal and close relationship with our pastor. He knew us as individuals and showed himself to be a true shepherd and minister of the Gospel. He was a passionate prayer champion who truly taught us how to intercede for others and expect answers.

He was truly human and because he suffered much in his lifetime, I suppose that is why he could comfort others so well in their struggles. He could be gentle and he could speak the truth with authority. Dr. Lane was a wise and discerning spiritual father to me and to many, many others. I think I can speak on their behalf when I say, “Thank you God for the great work you have done through your servant, Dr. Eddie B. Lane.” To God be the glory!


Wycliffe in the News

An Egyptian Christian reads an Arabic prayer book during Sunday mass at Saint Mary Church in the heavily populated area of Imbaba in Cairo, June 17, 2012.
An Egyptian Christian reads an Arabic prayer book during Sunday mass at Saint Mary Church in the heavily populated area of Imbaba in Cairo, June 17, 2012.

The American Bible Society’s recently released State of the Bible survey found that a strong majority of Americans think the Bible is available in all of the world’s languages, despite the fact that 57 percent of world languages are still in need of completed Bible translations.

The State of the Bible survey, which was conducted by the Barna Group and surveyed 2,000 Americans, found that 72 percent of Americans believe the Gospel is available in all of the world’s languages. However, the report states that only 43 percent of languages actually have Bible translations available.

Out of the world’s 6,901 different languages, 1,859 (31 percent) languages don’t have a Bible translation processes started. Meanwhile, the report states that 2,195 (26 percent) languages are in the process of having Scripture translated but do not yet have completed Scripture.

In this article by The Christian Post, Bob Creson responds to new research from the Barna Group that indicates most Americans mistakenly believe the Bible has already been translated into all of the world’s languages.

Bob Creson, the president of Wycliffe Bible Translators, one of the world’s largest Bible translation agencies, told The Christian Post that although 57 percent of the world’s languages still don’t have completed translations, the Bible is being translated into more languages and at a faster rate than ever before.

He continued: “[2,195] is the highest number in history. There is more work going on than ever before. One of the ways I usually talk about it is that people have more access to Scripture than any other time in history in their first language. It gives people the best opportunity to respond to the Good News message.”

Creson said that within the past six months, the Gospel has been made available in 27 new languages that represent communities totalling over 3 million people.

“We are not the only organization doing Bible translations; there are a number of others. What we try to do here in Orlando, and try to do twice a year, is we celebrate all the New Testaments and full Bibles that have come into completion in the last six months,” Creson explained. “We celebrated, last Thursday, 27 of those and that represented almost 3 million people that now have access in their first language to the Good News message. Every six months, it is getting larger and larger and larger, the number of completions.”

With Wycliffe holding a vision of having the Bible translation process started in each of the world’s languages by the year 2025, Creson is optimistic that the remaining 1,859 languages with no translations yet started will begin to be tackled within the next 10 years.

“Every year now there are 130 to 160 new translations that are started,” Creson added. “That is why I say that within the next 10 years something will be going on statistically in all of these communities.”

The survey, which has +/- 2 margin of error, also found that 98 percent of Americans believe that people should have access to the Bible. But with seven in 10 Americans believing that the Bible is already available in all of the world’s languages, Creson said he sees an opportunity to educate the American public.

“One way to look at it, if you are a Bible translation agency like we are and the American Bible Society, you can be discouraged by that. But, that just shows you the opportunity that we have to continue to educate the Christian public about the need for Bible translation,”

Bob Creson is the president and CEO of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA, and the author of “The Finish Line: Stories of Hope Through Bible Translation.”

Creson said. “One of the big strengths of the American Bible Society is their geographic reach to be able to educate people on that issue. We partner with ABS on a number of different and important translation projects. I am very glad to see them doing this because they have a great reach to be able to help people understand that we are not there yet.”

“I just look at that there is an opportunity to invite people to be a part of something that is pretty historic because we really do believe that, for those 1,900 languages, within the next 10 years there will be something going on in every one of those communities in terms of Bible translations.”

Christian Post Article

Rejoicing in the New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful season of worship and celebration for Christmas and New Year’s Day. We traveled to Virginia in December for some time with Kevin’s family. It was great to travel by car from Texas to Virginia—stopping along the way to overnight with a good friend in Tennessee.

Gertrude with the Quilt
Gertrude, Michelle, and Kevin’s mother with the Quilt

Skies were clear and the weather was crisp and cool for most of the trip. We looked forward to reuniting with Kevin’s parents and siblings. Throughout the holidays we enjoyed family dinners at home in Powhatan, VA where the deer roam! But you had to watch quickly as the deer raced across the yard for the next patch of woodland.

As soon as we arrived my mother and Gertrude began planning a quilt. After a week’s time Gertrude had pieced together the first of two quilts. Just a few days before we left to return to Dallas, Gertrude and my sister, Michelle, pieced together the second quilt. Spoke to my mother today and she has nearly finished the quilting on the first quilt on her sewing machine. She is s pleased with the results.

Kevin's Family
Kevin’s Family, four generations

Another highlight was the family get-together. The first time we have been together since our family reunion in 2005. During our visit it seemed like family were coming and going most of the time.


Hurrying back to US

Dear Praying Friends

Thank you for your faithful prayers.

Praise Points

  • Kevin and I are re-united and now residing in Lossu Village. We are grateful for opportunities to serve both the church and nation in Bible translation and literacy and education.
  • The Notsi people continue to buy the Scripture booklets (containing John, Galatians, and 1 Timothy).
  • Local translators Wesley Kurang and Shirley Taupis continue to work with the Notsi Village Checking Committee on editing Luke’s Gospel. It seems that people are more excited than ever about getting the New Testament finished.
  • We finished editing 70 Notsi hymns and look forward to printing a small hymnbook. People are eager to have the hymn book, too.
  • The Lord is faithful about sending rain after recent dry spells and people are finding relief from stomach pains related to poor water supply.
  • Katuben, (Shirley’s brother) who had withdrawn from the work and church seems to be back and engaging in Bible translation again. We praise God for these things.

Prayer points

Gertrude's mother, Murilyne Garrett
Gertrude’s mother, Murilyne Garrett
  • Our plans were to stay until the New Ireland Translation Institute courses start in mid September but we received word this morning that my mother’s health is declining. Her kidneys are failing, she finds it hard to eat or drink. The doctor says she has a matter of weeks. The time has come sooner than we planned and we are trying get home as soon as possible. Please pray that we can get tickets changed for a more immediate date and without extra costs.
  • Pray that we can get our village house shut up and things stored well and that we’ll have safe travel home to the USA
  • Similar heavies are being faced here in the village with Malis Lako, suffering with mouth cancer. Malis is a medical worker at a nearby clinic but has not worked in months. He is trusting the Lord for healing and we stand with him in prayer. He hopes to get to Port Moresby for surgery as soon as possible. In the meantime he is in constant pain.
  • Matthew Lako, Malis brother, seems to be estranged from his siblings in a family dispute and is no longer working with Bible translation. We are praying for resolution of his personal issues, true reconciliation, mutual forgiveness and a return to the work.

A visit to Notsi Language area

Amba United Church
Amba United Church

Sunday morning I decided that I would go and visit a couple of churches in the Notsi language area to encourage the use of the new Scripture portions that we dedicated in July 2014. As I was on the road I asked the Lord to guide my steps that I would be able to see those I wanted to see. My first stop was to the Amba United Church. I arrived towards the end of the service. I was given a few minutes to share what was on my heart. I show the church the book that we published with the Gospel of John, Galatians and 1 Timothy. I encouraged everyone to buy a copy. If they did not have the money with them now they could buy it from the translators. I also shared with them how we need their help to finish the editing of the Gospel of Luke. One of the translators would be coming to work with them this week.

Reading the Notsi Scriptures for the first time
Reading the Notsi Scriptures for the first time

Afterwards I was visiting with different people and giving them an opportunity to read from John. The only Bible they have to read from is the English or the Tok Pisin (the national trade language). One lady said that it is hard for them to read from the Notsi scriptures because they are not use to reading their own language. It is easier for them to read the Tok Pisin or the English because that is what the used in school. The problem though is that they can read the other languages but they have trouble truly understanding what they are reading. When they read the Notsi the meaning is very clear because it is the language that reaches their heart.

As I continued my travels I was pleased that there were programs going on after services in different villages that I visited. So instead of just visiting two churches I as I thought I would I was able to visit 4 different churches and share with everyone about the Notsi Scriptures being available. I was able to sell three more books. Two of them were to old ladies, that really valued their language and were pleased to have a copy of the Scripture portions.

Please pray that we will be able to sell all 200 copies of the book and that the Notsi people would read it and allow the Lord to change their lives through the reading of His Word.