Another Road Trip

Right after I finished classes at GIAL we rented a car and drove to Albany, NY. We were able to spend 10 days in the area visiting churches and friends that have been supporting us over the years. It was so good to see so many, but was sorry that we were not able to catch up with everyone that we wanted to. Continue reading Another Road Trip

Furlough 2012

July we just finished a very full and busy eight months in the U.S.A. It seems that when ever possible we were traveling one place or another. November we arrived in Dallas from our short vacation in Australia. After just three days we were on our way to Orlando to visit at the Wycliffe USA office. It was so good to see friends that after so many years. We rented a car to visit Gertrude’s sister in Tampa. Continue reading Furlough 2012

Time in Dallas

In February I returned to the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL). It felt good to be back. This time I took, Discourse Analysis and Translation Theory & Principles. Both classes were very challenging… Continue reading Time in Dallas