Our time adjusting to PNG

Gertrude in our house-cook
Gertrude in our house-cook

The last few weekends we have been getting some experience with simpler living. A couple of weeks after we arrived here we put up an outdoor kitchen (haus kuk) pictured to the right. Over the weekend we (or should I say Gertrude) has been preparing meals over an open fire.

Kevin preparing post
Kevin preparing post

It has not been too easy to get a fire going as much of the wood is not dry. Once the fire is started then the challenge is to keep it going to be able to finish cooking. Our Papua New Guinean family has come to visit with us during weekend. They have helped us with getting some things setup in our haus kuk and with some cooking. We have been enjoying to get to know them better (see below). Last week we stayed the night in their home. They made us feel very welcomed.

Tomorrow (March 4) we will be going on another of many hikes. This will be an all day hike. We will leave about 8:30 in the morning and take our time to reach our destination about noon. Everyone will be hiking together including the children so getting there will be slow which will be fine. On the way back we will break up into four different groups and the pace will be faster. We will be part of the slower group.

Kevin's Tok Pisin Class
Kevin’s Tok Pisin Class

Today marked the end of my Tok Pisin language class. I still have much to learn, but much of it will be learning to use what I have learned. On Monday I shared my testimony in Tok Pisin. I did not have the time to do all the preparation work for it. I would have avoided some of my grammatical errors if I was able to go over it with Gertrude. Today I did a skid with the other two couples in my class in Tok Pisin. We had great fun with that.

We have very limited internet access as we are at POC. I am trying to download my email each time I’m in town. I am trying to update our website every Tuesday evening as my schedule allows. We do have a cell phone, the country code is 675, and our number is 710-92-317. I am not sure what you will need to dial first for making an international call, it is either 001 or 011.

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