the Water Falls

Kevin & Gertrude in the river
Kevin & Gertrude in the river

The three pictures are from a short hike we took today to a water falls. The water was so cool and refreshing. The last week we have been busy preparing for village living. We will spend 5 weeks in a village with a Papua New Guinean family. They have prepared a hut for us to stay in during this time. We will be out of touch with during this time, since there is not electricity. There will be limited cell phone coverage. I will need to walk to a particular location to get a signal. Please remember us in pray during this time from March 27 until April 30. This will provide me a greater opportunity to improve with Tok Pisin (the national trade language).

Gertrude enjoying the water
Gertrude enjoying the water

After our village living time we will have another week here before we finish here. It will be a few days following will be Gertrude’s birthday, May 7. It would be great for a number of people to send her a birthday card. Mail getting to us has been very slow almost month so you will need to send a card right away for her to get it in time. Our mailing address is SIL-POC, P.O. Box 872, Madang, PAPUA NEW GUINEA. This will only be good till May 1, 2009.

Kevin enjoying the water
Kevin enjoying the water

No I am not sliding down, I have found a great place to sit on the rocks to let the water wash by me.

I am not sure when I will be able to upload the next up date. It has been a good way to keep people posted about what is happening. I hope to be able to do more of this in the future. Shalom!

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