Literacy Class

Gertrude's Literacy Class
Gertrude’s Literacy Class

On July 12, we were on our way to Sohun for the next NITI course. Gertrude is no busy leading another literacy workshop. This is the group that she worked with early this year. They are beginning to review the materials that they already finished and learning how to use them. They will also be producing new material which will include materials to help education the people about AIDS/HIV and how to prevent the spread of it. This is becoming more and more of a problem here in Papua New Guinea.

At present I have been helping everyone with their computers and email. In another week the Notsi translation team will arrive and I will begin to work with them to edit and update the book of Mark and Luke. We hope to be able to have Luke finished next year to be able to work on script the JESUS film to be dubbed into Notsi.