Literacy Workshop at NITI

NITI 9 Literacy Class
NITI 9 Literacy Class

An important date is coming up. August 15, 2010, will be the celebration of the completion of the Sursurunga New Testament. I hope to have pictures uploaded within the week of the dedication. This is the language group that Gertrude first developed a literacy program. We are so pleased that we could be here for the dedication.

Gertrude is just finishing teaching her literacy workshop here at NITI. The picture shows the group that she has been working with for the past month. She has had her challenges with them, but they have done well with developing lesson plans and readers. Please remember them in prayer as they begin to make use of the materials they have produced during the last couple of course.

Kevin has been keeping busy working with the Notsi Translation Team to work a revision of the book of Mark that has been published over 20 years ago. We are also working with a translation consultant to check the Book of Galatians. If all goes well we will be able to get both books printed for wide distribution next year.

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