Gertrude’s Time with her Mother

Gertrude's mother, Murilyne Garrett
Gertrude’s mother, Murilyne Garrett

The fact that I was home from mid October to the first of December 2010 seems all but a blur. But I do recall how good it was to just be home with immediate family and to participate in the care of my Mama, Murilyne Garrett. She suffered an aphasic stroke back in April and began the long recovery process; after rehab she desired to return to her home in Longview. To honor her wishes, my siblings and I agreed upon different times for care giving and my time came in October. Although Mama is not paralyzed physically, she struggles daily with the loss of certain abilities which allow her to manage life on her own such as control emotions, to speak properly and to decode what she hears resulting from an aphasic stroke. I learned a lot about care giving with my Mama but I treasure the sweet times of laughter that we shared, along with hearty conversations and Bible readings, prayer, even singing together at one point.

Demris & Murilyne Garrett
Demris & Murilyne Garrett
The time was also special in that it provided an opportunity for me to step back from literacy work and the cross-cultural stress that goes with it. For these special times, I am grateful. Over-all, it was a blessed opportunity to focus mostly on my mother‘s needs. What a blessing to have seven other siblings to help in times like these.

Earnestine my sister came across this old picture of our parents.