Gertrude’s Ministry at Kung Island

Gertrude at Kung Island
Gertrude at Kung Island

In March I developed an allergy that developed into asthma. Dr. Jeff recommended, “Don’t go back to Lossu village until the bat problem is resolved or you might have a more severe asthma reaction.” So, I stayed away from Lossu and prayed that the Lord will speed the repairs on the house. I had some idea of how I would occupy myself in Kavieng, but surprisingly, another a special opportunity arose to serve Tungag elementary teachers.

Since the S.I.L. Center where I was staying in Kavieng was at full occupancy, I gladly accepted the invitation to go do a literacy in-service for elementary school teachers in Taskul District, a group of beautiful islands northwest of Kavieng. Over 100 teachers attended the four-day in-service at Kung Island. All of them speak Tungag, the largest language group in New Ireland Province whose population is about 23,000. Although I had trained some Tungag literacy teachers 20 years ago, little had been done to maintain the supply of curriculum materials and instruction in their language. Consequently, their students were not learning to read by grade three! Although much more is needed, I was able to help them develop reading readiness and primer drafts for publication. Their need epitomizes the needs of elementary educators throughout the province and probably the whole country. Read more…

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