Time in Dallas

In February I returned to the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL). It felt good to be back. This time I took, Discourse Analysis and Translation Theory & Principles. Both classes were very challenging, I am pleased that I was able to do as well as I did. As I started classes and did not know how I would pay for them, but God has provided everything from scholarships our mission here in Papua New Guinea and a large gift from one supporting church, First Presbyterian of Schenectady, NY. That was an unexpected blessing.

Preach the Word

A few weeks before starting classes at GIAL and stopped by to visit some friends at Dallas Seminary. As I was there I asked if I would be able to work there again. To my amazement I was offered job back. This was an unexpected blessing. This help us with added expenses of living at in the U.S. as well as helping us to pay off some of our debt from our airline tickets.