Prayer Update

This is my first post from my mobile. I hope to keep this blog up-to-date.


Dear Prayer Partners,
Thank you so much for your continued prayers. We praise God for you and pray that you are well and rejoicing in the Lord. Kevin and I are well, although quite busy with Bible translation, literacy and managing the Kavieng Center.

Last month Kevin and the Notsi celebrated publication of St. John’s Gospel, 1 Timothy and Galatians. We praise God with the Notsi believers for this mark of progress. A combined service was held at Libba United Church. There was a worship service and feast afterwards. Kevin has been using these Scripture portions to witness to Notsi that he sees around town and it looks like people in the village are buying copies.

Kevin and I are well although busy and separated for about two more weeks until I can finish a literacy and education course for the National Department of Education at Ukarumpa. We have about 20 educators/trainers coming for the course. We thank God for the privilege to help the educated ones help their own people since we have so few recruits coming into literacy work nowadays.

Kevin is busy managing the Kavieng Center and preparing for mission teams coming through this month. We are grateful that the translators for the Mussau language group will stay at the center when I get back so we can get to the village for a few weeks for translation work. In addition Kevin is editing the 70 or so hymns which he will print in town.

We look forward to coming home in November—several months earlier than planned as my mom is in poor health. She is stable after her third stroke which paralyzed her right side. It will be good to see her again and to help my sister with her care. And of course we hope to be able to report to you in person while we are at home.

Please pray that:
1. My mother will remain in stable health and even regain strength on her right side.
2. The Vernacular to English Course in Ukarumpa will be a success and that we’ll get teachers guides and trainers manuals done during this time as well.
3. My colleague, Theresa will regain her health and able to resume work after being ill for several weeks.
4. The Lord of the harvest will send new laborers into literacy and education work as well as Bible translators.
5. Kevin’s sister will grow stronger in her faith in the Lord Jesus and continue to be comforted after the passing of her husband last month.

In His Service,

Gertrude and (for Kevin) Nicholas

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    1. Thanks so much for your prayers. It is the oil that keeps the work going.

      We must get together while we are in the US.


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