Fresh coat of paint

The Kavieng center is getting a very much need fresh coat of paint.

Simon Painting the railing
Simon Painting the railing

Pastor Joe Tobung of the local Four Square Church put in a bid to paint the building. They have a small company for doing odd jobs such as painting and building as a means to bring in additional income for the church as they have their own building project going on. The two young men doing the painting are doing a great job. Even Pastor Joe who comes by and check on their work picks up a paint brush to lend a hand also. They will be done this week after delays of getting the paint and the weather. I am thankful I was not the one going up and down the ladder to paint.

3 thoughts on “Fresh coat of paint

    1. Where have we been? We didn’t know about your Nicholas News site so I’ve had a good time reading past postings. When I think back to the beginning of the Nicholas team (19??), I am blessed and encouraged to be reminded how the Lord has led, used and developed your gifts. An amazing journey! Love to you both, Joice and for Karl


      1. Hi Joice,

        Thanks for your encouraging words. I sorry to say I have not done much on my website for the last two years. With the changes I have made I have made it easier to ad updates to the blog. As always it something I have to keep working at.

        I am glad you have been enjoying the website. It is important to me to have all our history of our ministry here. It all takes time to get it done.

        We first met Feb 19, 2001 while were we on furlough. Our anniversary is Sept. 22. It will be 13 years.

        How is Waco and your new place.


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