A visit to Notsi Language area

Amba United Church
Amba United Church

Sunday morning I decided that I would go and visit a couple of churches in the Notsi language area to encourage the use of the new Scripture portions that we dedicated in July 2014. As I was on the road I asked the Lord to guide my steps that I would be able to see those I wanted to see. My first stop was to the Amba United Church. I arrived towards the end of the service. I was given a few minutes to share what was on my heart. I show the church the book that we published with the Gospel of John, Galatians and 1 Timothy. I encouraged everyone to buy a copy. If they did not have the money with them now they could buy it from the translators. I also shared with them how we need their help to finish the editing of the Gospel of Luke. One of the translators would be coming to work with them this week.

Reading the Notsi Scriptures for the first time
Reading the Notsi Scriptures for the first time

Afterwards I was visiting with different people and giving them an opportunity to read from John. The only Bible they have to read from is the English or the Tok Pisin (the national trade language). One lady said that it is hard for them to read from the Notsi scriptures because they are not use to reading their own language. It is easier for them to read the Tok Pisin or the English because that is what the used in school. The problem though is that they can read the other languages but they have trouble truly understanding what they are reading. When they read the Notsi the meaning is very clear because it is the language that reaches their heart.

As I continued my travels I was pleased that there were programs going on after services in different villages that I visited. So instead of just visiting two churches I as I thought I would I was able to visit 4 different churches and share with everyone about the Notsi Scriptures being available. I was able to sell three more books. Two of them were to old ladies, that really valued their language and were pleased to have a copy of the Scripture portions.

Please pray that we will be able to sell all 200 copies of the book and that the Notsi people would read it and allow the Lord to change their lives through the reading of His Word.

4 thoughts on “A visit to Notsi Language area

  1. Kevin,

    It’s so good to hear from you! It’s been a long time, so keep up the good work of e-mailing us! You may have heard that our new senior pastor has arrived in town, and will be preaching on September 7 — please pray for all of us at LCC.

    Love and prayers, Ruth


    1. Hi Ruth,

      It is good to hear news from Loudonville. We have been praying for the new pastor and the church and will continue to do so.


    1. Yes he does. How good God is.
      We are than sum to keep in touch with you. We have fond memories of out trip with you to West Africa. We still tells stories about it.


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