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Consultant Checking of the book of Galatians
Consultant Checking of the book of Galatians

It has been so good to be back to Papua New Guinea. In September, as Gertrude went to Ukarumpa to work in the Literacy and Education Office, I went to NITI (The New Ireland Translation Institute). I was so pleased to see the progress that the translation team has been making on the translation while I have been away. It is wonderful to say that they have finished the first draft of the New Testament. We still have a very long way to go, but the team is has grown from two when we left to five. It is because of your prayers for them that they have worked through their problems to return to the work. Thanks so very much.

During the month we started the review of the book of Acts and we finished going through the first 14 chapters. Presently they are village checking these chapters for clarity and accuracy of the translation.

We are also starting to bring together a group of people who will work with us to dub The Jesus Film which we hope to start working on early next year.

Gertrude and I plan to return to the village in November, and if we have the water we need, we will continue working through the Book of Acts to review and edit it and prepare the rest of it for village checking.