Moving Toward the Finish Line

Progress on the Notsi New Testament

How do we know the goal is in sight? Sure we’ve worked with the Notsi for eight years but when should we actually say the Notsi Bible translation task is done? There are a number of factors that determine the finishing point. Our age indicates that retirement is just around the corner. Another factor is the pace at which we have been working and the goals we have set for ourselves.

Is a published New Testament in Notsi the end of our work? Not really. We are working to improve the Notsi reading skills in their own language. In addition as we move towards completion it is our hope to see the Notsi hymn book published.

It is always refreshing to hear from the Notsi of their interest in the progress of Bible Translation and to see increased involvement of the community in the translation. May this response increase!

Our prayer is that over the next few years the Notsi people will be reading, singing, preaching, and studying the Word in Notsi.

We  praise the Lord for the momentum in Bible translation with the Notsi and we believe we are on course to finish the New Testament by 2020! With continued prayer and diligence it will be so.