Palm Sunday Service

Palm Sunday Service starting on the beach
Palm Sunday Service starting on the beach

During our time in Madang we celebrated Palm Sunday. As people gathered together they brought palm branches with them. It was amazing to see the many different things the people had woven from the Palm leaves for decoration. The service started on the beach with some songs and prayers. We then proceeded to the church for the service. The service was in Tok Pisin and at that point I could only follow some of what was said. On Friday Gertrude and I participated in the Good Friday observance of the Stations of the Cross. There were 14 stations each depicting different events that took place on Good Friday as a way of remembering what Christ has done for us. The different stations were setup at different peoples’ home from the church. We walked about a mile to get to the starting point and it ended at the church which was after walking an additional 3 miles or more. Easter Sunday morning I preached a message at church about the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of John in Tok Pisin. It was not one of my better messages. I read it the best I could as I stumbled along, but people came to me afterwards thanking me for the word that I shared.

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