Visit with Old Friends

Gertrude's Village cooking class
Gertrude’s Village cooking class

As our time was coming to a close at Simbini, I so wanted to visit the village where Gertrude did village living when she first came to Papua New Guinea over 20 years ago just 15km (about 6 miles) north of where we were in Simbini. We were not sure about how transportation would work for us to get there, but we were able to hire someone to take us there in his pickup truck. They gave us such a warm welcome. The family that Gertrude stayed with made us both feel right at home. It was the first time for them to see her since she had left. Since we could only stay a couple of hours with them, they were able to make plans for us to come back and spend the day with them. On our second visit Gertrude was busy backing with the ladies, different kinds of breads and cakes. I sat back and visited with the men there. I surprised myself how well I was doing with Tok Pisin.