Farewell Celebration

Traditional dance done by teenage girls in the village
Traditional dance done by teenage girls in the village

When we first arrived at Simbini the five weeks seemed late it would last forever. Now that the time was nearly finished we were surprised how quickly the time past. What was even more surprising how close we have become to the people in such a short time. We had gifts to give to them to thank them for their generosity and kindness towards us. Anything we gave them could hardly express our appreciation to them for all they had done. The one man who took care of us in the village was the translator for the New Testament for his language group here. Over time he had become discouraged and has not worked on it for a number of years. As a result of our time there he so desires to get back to work on the translation. Pray that he would get the help he needs not only to get the work started again, but to be able to finish it and the people will use it. In a way to honor us as we were leaving they had a big celebration. There was a group that came from church to sing a few songs for us which was followed by a few touching speeches. They highlight was the dance that the young ladies performed. They have worked on it for over a week every evening. It was a memorable experience. We hope to be able to visit them again in the not to distant future. We are grateful for the time that we were able to have with them.

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