Life in Lossu



What an unexpected pleasure. Our regional director was coming from another island where he has done translation work. Just as they need the coast there was a large number of dolphins splashing in the water around the boat. They reached shore and invited us to join them on the boat to watch the dolphins. We rode around in the boat for about 30 minutes.

Language Learning

Gertrude's cooking class
Gertrude’s cooking class

We are making slow progress in language learning. This has been more a time of getting to know the people here in the village and getting settled in our home in the village. It is very comfortable, but it is in need of a few minor repairs here an there. It will take time for us to clear out all the dust and dirt that has accumulating for years.

Gertrude is enjoying her time with the ladies of the village. As part of her language learning she gave the ladies a cooking class on how to make Ratatouille (A dish made with eggplant and tomatoes). As Gertrude gave them the receipt the ladies helped her translate it into Notsi.

Travel Plans

Tuesday (July 21, 2009), we will be leaving for NITI (New Ireland Translation Institute). I will begin to work more closely with the translation team for Notsi, checking their translation. We will be there for four weeks. Afterwards we will travel up to Ukarumpa, where the mission headquarters are located. This will be a time for us to relate to leadership there. Receive our shipment from the US, and connect with some friends. By mid September we will be back to Lossi.