NITI Participants of August 2009


It has been such a blessing to be part of the New Ireland Translation Institute (NITI). In New Ireland Province (NIP) there has been 10 New Testament translations that have been completed by members of Wycliffe Bible Translators. There are another 15 languages that are in need of translation along with a few additional dialects. NITI was started to provide training and help for the Papua New Guineans to do remaining translations in NIP. Gertrude and Kevin has been assigned with work with the Nosti language group. Below you will find a picture of the house that we are living in as we are in the village.

Kevin has been working with the translators to develop a back translation from the translations of Philippians and 1 Timothy. A back translation is a very literal translation back into English. The process has helped Kevin to learn read much of what has been translated. As he returns to the village, he will have opportunity to put to practice what he has learned. It has been one thing to read it, but to speak it will take much more work.

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