Gertrude tells about NITI

Kevin at NITI
Kevin at NITI

This is the final week of the February/March session of NITI. This course was different in that it had a literacy segment included which was led by Gertrude. Six of the 13 language groups involved brought in people to work on literacy materials in their languages. Education levels ranged from Grade 8 to College but most were Grade 10 graduates. We got booklets translated or developed for an Easter Bible study, HIV-AIDS, Marijuana, and personal devotional books prepared for publishing. Most of them received computer and typing training for the first time. It is interesting and insightful to see what kind of mistakes a novice may achieve on a computer! By the end of the course all had more confidence and were able to type simple texts. God is good.

Local translators worked with Wycliffe translation consultants to complete different tasks in this course. Some of them edited newly translated drafts while others prepared for village and consultant checks of different New Testament books including Mark, John, and James and other Scripture texts. Kevin and the Notsi translators worked on editing Galatians, Philippians and Mark in preparation for consultant checking later this year.

We stayed healthy although the schedule was busy from morning into the night. Kevin seems ‘fit as a fiddle’ and enjoyed serving others with his computer skills as well as helping the Notsi prepare translated Scripture portions for consultant checking. We found a source on noni fruit and have been enjoying the benefits of its fresh juice daily. It is the middle of rainy season and increase in mosquitoes. Some of the local translators, including Matthew suffered from malaria, bad colds and allergies.

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