Sharing at Konos

Sharing at Konos
Sharing at Konos about Bible Translation

We are very pleased that Gertrude was able to share about the work of Literacy and Bible translation that is happening through NITI. The translators for the Notsi-Madak were bringing together a group of people to review the translation that has recently been completed. They had planned a meeting to encourage the involvement of the different churches in the area. There were able 100 people who attended. Gertrude shared some highlights from the Scripture in Use conference where many church leaders for the province gave their support for Bible translation.

It was very encouraging to speak with some of the people. They are so appreciative that the work of Bible translation has started. One old man was to the point of tears of joy as he mentioned that he has been praying for years that the Word of God would be translated into his language.

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