Kevin’s work in Lossu

Kevin & Bishop Salot
Kevin helping Bishop Salot with his computer.

One morning as Gertrude and I were having breakfast, Bishop Salot Taran from the United Church called asking if I was going to be home. He said something about 10:00 A.M. I was thinking that he was going to call me back at that time. To our surprise at 11:00 he pulls up to our front door. He was needing help on his computer. I was able to install the cellar modem for him and set him up with an email account. He was only given this computer about a month ago so all this is very new to him. I would say that he is getting the hang of it very quickly.

We are both making progress in language learning. I have been surprising myself with how much Notsi that I can speak. It just comes so slowly that by the time I figure out what I want to say it is too late. It all comes with practice. Having this time in Lossu has been an encouragement for the both of us that way. Gertrude has a much better ear and is picking things up more quickly though I may have a larger vocabulary than she does. She picks things up much quicker in conversation that I do.

Kevin working wiring
Kevin reworking the wiring for solar panels

This is a time for me to be working on the house. There are no end of things that need to be done before we leave for furlough. One of then things that I was happy to finish was to install a couple of lights in the back of the house. I was able to get use of a long ladder that would reach the roof so I could get the lights in place. I then ran the wires from our battery for our solar system to the lights in back. I was most happy with the results. On a dark moonless night it is a great help to have those lights.