Fathers Day

Kevin holding a Lobster. A gift for Fathers’ Day.

On Sunday, September 9 is when Father’s day is celebrated in Papua New Guinea. That morning one of our neighbors came by to present me with a lobster for Father’s Day. This was only the third time we received lobster. This was the biggest one we have received.

For church that Sunday there was a big celebration for Father’s Days. Before the service started there was a procession with the fathers coming into the church. Just before we went into the church the children and mothers were sprinkling flowers and other little things for decoration over the heads of the fathers as we entered in. Family members would also put flower leis over their shoulders. I received a very fragrant lei from our “adopted” village son. It was very special for me to be included with the fathers. During the service different groups sang songs and read Scriptures related to Father’s Day.

Father's Day Celebration
Father’s Day Celebration

After the service there was a big feast where all the different families prepared a meal which we all could share. It was a great time of fellowship with other men in the village that I don’t often get time to visit with. As much as I struggled I would try to speak Notsi. I would make mistakes, but it was good practice for me.