Gertrude’s Kitchen

Gertrude's Kitchen
Gertrude in the Kitchen with Shirley and Kathy

Another month has flown by. It is hard to believe in just under 3 months we will be on our way home. We are looking forward to seeing everyone very much. Please pray with us that the Lord will provide the funds that we need for our furlough. Our airfare is more than we expected because of the weak dollar, and we have a number of unexpected expenses. We are so grateful for our faithful supporters that the Lord has given us.

Since our return from NITI we have been busy at Lossu with Language learning and relationship building. Here Gertrude is in our kitchen with Shirley (one of the translators) and Kathy. They are helping Gertrude prepare some pumpkin tips (greens). Gertrude spends a lot of time in the kitchen cooking or baking so that we have something offer people when they stop by as well as take good care of me. It is such a blessing to have both a stove and refrigerator that runs on LP gas. A glass of cold water and a little snack goes a long way to make someone feel welcomed.

When it comes to the work of translation it is never at the pace I would like to see it at, but progress is still being made. During the last NITI session we reviewed the translation of 1 Timothy. Since then the translators have been doing village checking for this book in three different Notsi villages. They would read the passage to a group of people and ask question to check for clarity and accuracy. I Timothy is now ready for consultant check which will take place in October during the next NITI session.