Water, Water, Water!

Village Water TankWe asked you to pray for rain and it has rained and rained supplying villages in New Ireland with water. When we returned to the village in December, the pastor, who lived next door found a shallow well tapping into an under ground spring in our back yard before being re-assigned to another congregation. The water is fresh and great for baths and laundry. It’s serving at least two villages!

It took ‘a minute’ but the 1000 gallon water tank finally arrived in Lossu the end of January via Bik Ganz, a locally owned flatbed truck. Members of the congregation donated timber, gutters and volunteered their time to install the tank at Immanuel United Church. We’ll report later on the progress. In the meantime, folks from Lossu #1 and #2 villages continue to enjoy rain water from our tank. It’s still rainy season therefore we trust God to continue supplying fresh water. We thank God for my home church in Longview Texas who provided the tank. Thank you for joining us in praying for the water situation in Lossu villages. Thank God for hearing our prayers.