Translation News

Notsi-ScriptureShirley (alias Seli) Taupis is generally a quiet and timid lady but one Sunday evening at the 16th New Ireland Translation Institute (NITI), Seli rose boldly to the occasion. With tears in her eyes she expressed gratitude for prayers for the herself and the Notsi. Seli regained her repose and joyfully reported that the Notsi have nine New Testament books remaining to translate, ten have been drafted, four books are at the village checking stage and four at the consultant checking stage. What is most exciting is that we have just printed our first Scripture portion: the Gospel of John, 1 Timothy and Galatians. Over the next month, we eagerly look forward to mini celebrations of Bible translation progress in Notsi villages.

It was like a balm to our hearts to hear Seli’s report and to see the evidence of spiritual growth in her. The past year has not been easy for Seli but the Lord has been faithful. We praise Him for giving her inner strength and grace.

After the NITI course, Gertrude and I resumed our roles as Kavieng Center Managers.