Luke Consultant Checking

Notsi Bible translation team reaches milestone with the completion of the consultant checking of Luke’s Gospel

From April 22 to 28th, the Notsi Bible translation team worked closely with consultant Steve Gallagher on the checking of the Gospel of Luke. This brings the percentage of NT books checked thus far in Notsi to 39%.

The consultant checking involves testing the translation with speakers of the language to ensure that the correct meaning is being communicated clearly and accurately. Five members of the translation team, three translators and two checkers, were present for this important work. A number of areas for improvement were identified and the team was encouraged to keep up the diligent work they have been doing. On behalf of the translation team, Shelly said, “We had a great time working with Steve. Through this process we have gained many valuable insights. We feel encouraged to keep pressing forward in the work. We are eager for all the people in the Notsi villages to hear and read the powerful word of God in our own language.”

Steve Gallagher