Rejoicing in the New Year!

We hope you had a wonderful season of worship and celebration for Christmas and New Year’s Day. We traveled to Virginia in December for some time with Kevin’s family. It was great to travel by car from Texas to Virginia—stopping along the way to overnight with a good friend in Tennessee.

Gertrude with the Quilt
Gertrude, Michelle, and Kevin’s mother with the Quilt

Skies were clear and the weather was crisp and cool for most of the trip. We looked forward to reuniting with Kevin’s parents and siblings. Throughout the holidays we enjoyed family dinners at home in Powhatan, VA where the deer roam! But you had to watch quickly as the deer raced across the yard for the next patch of woodland.

As soon as we arrived my mother and Gertrude began planning a quilt. After a week’s time Gertrude had pieced together the first of two quilts. Just a few days before we left to return to Dallas, Gertrude and my sister, Michelle, pieced together the second quilt. Spoke to my mother today and she has nearly finished the quilting on the first quilt on her sewing machine. She is s pleased with the results.

Kevin's Family
Kevin’s Family, four generations

Another highlight was the family get-together. The first time we have been together since our family reunion in 2005. During our visit it seemed like family were coming and going most of the time.


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