Celebrating Dr. Eddie B. Lane

TheLanesAs I was graduating from high school one of my prayers was to know God better. I believe that God placed Rev. & Mrs. Eddie B. Lane and the Bibleway Church in my life to steer me through the challenges of my young Christian life and even as I grew in faith. Through the Lanes’ ministry of preaching, teaching the Word, exhorting, rebuking, and discipleship, the Holy Spirit could do His work making God known to me. For these blessings, I will forever be grateful.

Through the years, I have experienced the great love of God as Dr. Lane showed us how to love family, and others in the body of Christ. Like me, the members of Bibleway Bible Church experienced a very personal and close relationship with our pastor. He knew us as individuals and showed himself to be a true shepherd and minister of the Gospel. He was a passionate prayer champion who truly taught us how to intercede for others and expect answers.

He was truly human and because he suffered much in his lifetime, I suppose that is why he could comfort others so well in their struggles. He could be gentle and he could speak the truth with authority. Dr. Lane was a wise and discerning spiritual father to me and to many, many others. I think I can speak on their behalf when I say, “Thank you God for the great work you have done through your servant, Dr. Eddie B. Lane.” To God be the glory!


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