Prayer Points October 2015

Kevin & Gertrude on Valentine's Day
Kevin & Gertrude on Valentine’s Day
  • Our most important pray request is for all of Papua New Guinea, that the Lord will send the needed rain to end the drought. It will be very difficult continue our work without rain in our village. It is creating many hardships for the Papua New Guineans.
  • Grace and favor on our partners in Bible Translation. That’s our prayer for you!
  • Comfort for Dr. Eddie B. Lane’s family during their period of grief.
  • Comfort for Steven Thomas and family who grieve the loss of a young adult daughter in August.
  • Physical and Spiritual vitality for Notsi translators as they record the Gospel of John while continuing with translating other New Testament books.
  • Kevin and Gertrude’s spiritual and physical health.
  • Family members’ wisdom and grace in living with chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other ailments.
  • Partners in ministry for new Wycliffe missionaries—for prayer and finances.
  • Committed and capable literacy teams for the Notsi, Nalik, Notsi-Madak and Barok languages.
  • Unsaved relatives and friends will come to know Christ personally. And renewal of faith and dedication of those who have drifted away from the Lord.
  • Spiritual growth of lay Christians among the Notsi, especially those involved in Bible translation.
  • Gertrude—as she continues her role as co-manager and advisor in the Literacy and Education Department PNG
    Safety in our travels as we travel around Papua New Guinea and Gertrude as she fulfills her Pacific Area role.
  • Wisdom and proactive approach of local church leadership in appointing local people to train in Bible translation and literacy—committed people who are able to assist with Bible Translation.
    Guest house managers to come serve long-term in PNG—especially in Kokopo and Kavieng. Adrienne plans to move on to a language program in 2016.