Challenges of Life in the Village

Our Challenges

One of the challenges of living in the village is no electricity. We are so thankful for a generator that allows us to accomplish our work in the village within a few hours each day. But the cost of fuel is quite expensive. This year Kevin was able to upgrade our solar charging system, with solar panels, a new powerful battery and regulator. This has saved us money on fuel and generator usage. It is great to be able to work at our computers and not listen to the noise of the generator in the background.

Another challenge is that one needs to be a jack of all trades to manage our village house. Gertrude researched ways to get rid a beehive in the kitchen wall without getting stung—soapy water! The bees are gone for now. This year we had a leak in the shower which meant installing new plumbing. Kevin stepped up to the task although he prefers electrical work. Lately, he has enjoyed completing such tasks as replacing florescent light fixtures with LED lights, and wiring the house with electrical outlets to replace extension cords (for when we have the generator running). 

The latest challenge was reparing the refrigerator door. The door came off and Kevin used a door hinge to repair it.

Praise the Lord for a hinge!